A Case of Mistaken Identity

The average person thinks of himself as a body topped by a head with a mind, governed by an ego. And because he so strongly identifies with his body and ego, he fears anything that might threaten them, which leads to a fairly angst-ridden existence.But when we read and hear the teachings great spiritual masters such as the Buddha, Jesus and Ramana Maharshi, we realize that these advanced beings viewed the world and themselves from entirely different perspectives—and therefore had radically different self identities—than do the rest of us.

These people, through lives of deep introspection and contemplation, came to see the entire universe as one perfect, interconnected whole of divine intelligence.As such, they realized that they themselves, and indeed all beings, were an integral part of this magnificent whole, of this ongoing cosmic interplay. As they attuned their awareness to this knowledge and fully embraced it, their identities shifted to a state of oneness with all things, to a state of unity consciousness. They aligned their minds with Big Mind and so became One.

Through this process they came to see that at a young age they had, through the example of family and society, made an unconscious decision to identify themselves with their bodies and therefore relied upon their egos to guide them through life. As they grew in spiritual understanding they came to see that this identification separated them from the rest of existence and made them fearful and less than whole.They further realized that this separation decision was arbitrary–something they had unconsciously chosen–that it was not inherent in life as they had been led to believe, and that there was an alternative.And so their identities became consistent with, and imbedded in, the universal oneness they experienced.

When they made this identity shift they no longer held themselves as separate entities, but rather as a perfect and unique expressions of the magnificent All.Given that the All is forever changing, of course their bodies would disintegrate at some point.But so what?Such is the Way of the physical world. Divine Consciousness never changes.Nothing to fear; their attunement to this Consciousness (and it to them) remained steadfast and became One in the same.They truly knew who they were and it was the ultimate freedom–enlightenment.

Who are you?

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#1 Lee on 07.11.08 at 7:45 am

I am a soul being (individualized spirit of God spirit) here on earth because of my truth-denial falling away from God. What are you?

#2 John on 07.12.08 at 6:54 pm

Ultimately we are who we think we are at our deepest level. Such is the power of the mind.

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