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Great spiritual teachers speak not of learning more, but of letting go, of surrendering. This can be difficult for adults because the familiar is so, well…familiar.

But the young…they’re more present and open and have less to unlearn. This is why Jesus said, “Until you become like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” To Bee or Not to Bee is an inspirational story of such innocent wisdom and how it leads one young worker bee to spiritual awakening.

Disillusioned by the mindless tedium and chaos of life in his honeybee colony, Buzz Bee knows there’s got to bee more. Dragging and kicking, he’s pulled into a spiritual journey which gradually teaches him some of life’s most important lessons. With the help of a newfound mentor and some harrowing experiences, Buzz comes to understand that life is too important to bee taken so seriously, the only way out is in and life is a journey from I to we.

Though he thinks his search is for God, what Buzz ends up finding is himself. Hmmm. And when his journey finally dumps him off, he finds that he’s not at the end, but at a whole new beginning.

Step back a species and rediscover your own innocent wisdom. Let the magic of allegory expose the follies that we humans take so seriously. Grow and expand, smile and chuckle. Read To Bee or Not to Bee for yourself, then share it with a friend or loved one. It makes a wonderful gift. Most of all, enjoy!

Available in both hardcover and softcover, To Bee or Not to Bee is illustrated with elegant Chinese water color style illustrations. Clever, witty and spiritually sophisticated, this inspirational book is the Jonathan Livingston Seagull of the insect world. May it light your spiritual path.

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