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The ebook you’re about to download is the original 2005 edition of To Bee or Not to Bee, not Sterling Publishing’s current edition available in bookstores and Amazon.  The story and illustrations are identical to Sterling’s edition; the only things that have changed are the cover and layout.

 Why are we making this ebook available for free?  It’s been our experience (and independent research has recently confirmed) that giving away the ebook version of a book actually increases sales.  Why this paradox?  Because it eliminates risk.  When a person gets the opportunity to “test drive” a book, they’re more likely to end up buying a copy.  And, in the case of a gift book like To Bee or Not to Bee, they may end up buying two or three copies to give to friends or relatives. So click the download button, have yourself a read on us and enjoy! 

You will need Adobe Reader; if you don’t already have it you can download it for free at

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