Entries from December 2008

Call of the Mall–The Seasons of Shopping

This post is a bit of a departure for me but I had so much fun writing it that I thought others would get a few laughs as well. Please note that it is published with my wife’s smirking approval. My wife and 16 year-old daughter are shopping addicts. It’s unquestionably their favorite way of […]

The Secret Behind The Secret

By now half the country has seen, read or heard about The Secret, the movie and companion book that reveals the supposed age-old secret of manifesting what we want in life. In a nutshell, it’s all about intention and visualization—identifying exactly what it is we want, focusing our intention on getting it, and visualizing having […]

What is a Christian–Really?

The other day I sent my sweet mother, a devout lifelong Lutheran, an email about my religious and spiritual beliefs. It was a topic she had skirted for decades, probably out of fear of what she would learn and what if would mean for my eternal salvation. Mom was surprised to hear me say I […]